Are you planning a vacation in San Francisco? Then you need to know some facts and some important what are amazing best things to do in San Francisco.

San Francisco may only widen transversely 7 miles, but it is full of a variety of activities that will surely appeal to nature lovers, gourmets, and curious hikers of all ages. The Golden Gate Bridge is a must-see, and a visit to Alcatraz Island to see the now-closed federal prison should be a priority on your list.

Instead of spending all your time at Fisherman’s Wharf, you can discover a more authentic part of San Francisco by visiting the Ferry Building Marketplace or visiting the lively Castro.

And if you climb to the top of Twin Peaks or take a walk through the Golden Gate Park, nature lovers, and nature lovers will love San Francisco. You are likely to reach these high places and do more than just a city tour.

things to do in San Francisco

Where should you go to San Francisco?

Here I have compiled a list of some famous places in San Francisco. This list will help you to make a plan about which best things to do in San Francisco and where you must have to go with family and friends.

Golden Gate Bridge

Let’s take the start of enjoyable best things to do in San Francisco from Golden Gate Bridge.The world’s most picturesque bridge and this 305 m high orange tower has been in the San Francisco Bay area since 1937. Although it is covered in fog, it is still overlooked.

The views are incredible if you look at the city of Marin Headlands or drive bicycles and cars, you have 24-hour access to the bridge, pedestrians can cross the sidewalk between 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM. A.M. Come prepared with extra layers; Charlemagne had not lost when he arrived at the Golden Gate.

Golden Gate Bridge

Alcatraz Island

Converted from a lighthouse station to a military prison in the 1870s, this formidable fortress in the middle of San Francisco Bay found true acclaim after being upgraded to a maximum security prison in 1934, home to the early 20th century’s most notorious criminals.

The imposing fortress in the heart of San Francisco Bay converted from a typical station to a military prison in 1870. It was well-received after becoming the maximum security in 1934.

Today, “The Rock” can only be accessed by ferry from platform 33 of Alcatraz Landing. Once there, an audio tour of the cell, directed by former inmates and guards, informs you about the horrible escape attempts, the riots in the prisons, and the 19 months of occupation of the site.

Try a night tour to get a fun investment for your money. Plan a three-hour trip and bring a jacket to protect yourself from the heavy clouds and dying ghosts of ancient islanders throughout the year.

Alcatraz Island

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

This new and improved structure was reopened in May 2016 and had a ten-story area of ​​170,000 square meters, approximately three times the size of the original building designed by Mario Botta.

In addition to the favorites in the permanent collection of the museum, there are sixteen individual exhibition galleries, specially awarded works for the new museum and 45,000 square meters of finds on the ground floor, accessible to the public for free.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Best things to do in San Francisco _ Chinatown

Chinatown San Francisco, one of the oldest and most established Chinese neighborhoods in the United States, has some of the best dim sum restaurants, galleries, tea houses and karaoke bars in the city.

From Dragon Gate to China Live, Chinatown is a crowded place with many shops, wild places, and restaurants. Not to consider the fact that it is also one of the most friendly communities in a city full of hills.

From the end of 2019, the neighborhood will also be decorated by the central metro line, a new Muni route from the Caltrain station in SoMa to 4th Street, and King Street in Chinatown.

It is worth taking an afternoon walk through Chinatown, the lively alleys of San Francisco, the treasure shops, and the lively markets.

Best things to do in San Francisco

Take in the View from Twin Peaks

There are many things to do in San Francisco but Twin Peaks offers the best view of San Francisco, located geographically in the heart of the city. It’s hard to believe I was here for the first time a few months ago, and now I love the 360 ​​degrees view from the top of the hill.

Here you will find the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Mission district, the famous suburb of Haight Ashbury, and the beautiful modern houses around the hill.

If you are successful, you can also view the mission butterfly in danger of extinction while you are in it, or one of those cheeky cheeks or possums that call home from the hill.

Take in the View from Twin Peaks

Cycling (or walking) through the Golden Gate

Even if it happens to me often, it is still unusual to drive along the Golden Gate Bridge. It is even more exciting to explore the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco by bike. You can bring your bike or rent a fence.

Blazing Saddles is a reputable company that will take you on an 8-mile bike ride with a bridge ride or opts for a self-guided tour. Be sure to follow the bike and pedestrian bridge laws.

Cycling (or walking) through the Golden Gate

Hike Sutro Baths

The mysterious ruins of the Sutro baths remind us of times gone by. The former mayor of San Francisco created it as part of an entertainment complex, but unfortunately, the building was mysteriously burned after the center closed in 1960.

Sutro baths are famous for their saltwater pools, which feed on floods. At that time, the millionaire concentrated on his economic pastime for the inhabitants of the city. Today the ruins are located on a steep hill overlooking the magnificent Pacific coast.

Attempt to Escape From a Trapped Room

One of the most challenging reflections on activities in San Francisco: the Real Escape Game is a live puzzle game that involves solving problems and riddles to get limited space in a limited time.

This addictive game was imported from Japan to San Francisco, which is not surprising since the Japanese are experts in extreme experiences, such as Tokyo Cat Cafe or the Alcatraz ER theme.

Attempt to Escape From a Trapped Room

Have Afternoon Tea at the Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel is fantastic! You will feel like a king who drinks tea here and eats in the afternoon. The Grand Court tea room is located in a beautiful glass atrium and is decorated with comfortable furniture, chandeliers, and plants.

Tea is served in China, and the menu consists of English classics such as Devonshire cream buns, sandwiches, and various cakes.

A grand piano usually plays the piano in the center of the square. The hotel itself is complete of history and has served San Francisco since the early 20th century. That’s why I gave it position last in the list of best things to do in San Francisco.

Have Afternoon Tea at the Palace Hotel

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