2020 Summer Tourism: A List of Countries Ready to Welcome U.S. Travelers

Regardless of how we see the situation, the reality is that some changes will affect the future of travelling. Even though the global COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, several states in the U.S. have started the first phase of reopening. Likewise, some nations in the world are planning and strategizing about the future of their economies – among which tourism stands as one of the most significant sectors.

However, there are concerns about which countries would like to accept travelers from the U.S. Understandably, out of 370,000 deaths recorded globally, the U.S. alone covers 103,000 deaths and about 1.75 million cases. Thus, in terms of cases and death record, the United States is the most affected nation in the world.

Despite the high case record, as well as 3-month of self-isolation and quarantine, several people in the U.S. are still planning a summer getaway. If you plan to fly around this summer, then you should be ready to get necessary protective gear, Lysol wipes, among others. And luckily, some countries are planning to welcome people from the United States under specific health guidelines and restrictions. These countries include:

01 U.S. Virgin Islands (June 1)

U.S. Virgin Islands

According to Joseph Boschulte, the commissioner of Tourism (U.S. Virgin Islands), the country will start accepting people travelling for leisure from Monday, June 1. Even though the nation is yet to finalize public health and tourism protocols for returnees, it’s good news for several travelers in the U.S. At least, the travelers can add islands such as St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix to their summer list, if they like.

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