The most effective method to Pack Jewelry For Travel- Organization Tips and Tricks

Only a few aspects of a trip can be as stressful as packing. Most times, we often end up with clusters of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in our luggage – a situation that can be quite frustrating for many. However, the most important thing about packing jewelry for a trip is picking the pieces that perform more functions or suitable for different occasions. In other words, you should consider the versatility of the jewelries. In this way, you will be saved from overpacking unnecessary pieces that you may not wear eventually. Picking the right jewelry for your trip can be beneficial, and to do this, endeavor to consider the following tips of packing jewelries for a trip.

Planning your Jewelry for the Trip

. Pick accessories to match your outfits : First off, you need to consider your outfits for the trip then choose matching accessories accordingly. By so doing, it will help narrow down your choices to a few useful accessories that you are more likely to use during the trip. So, endeavor to put together the wears that you plan using during the trip, then pick suitable accessories.

Also, you can consider your casual jewelry i.e., pieces that you wear regularly such as rings, watch. Simply choose one set among them to abstain from excessive packing. Advisably, you should pick a single metal among the jewelry, so as not to need any gold or silver version of the same item again.

.Limit the number of pieces : Taking a small number of jewelries helps keep track of them. As a result, you will have little chance of losing them. Check out the versatile materials such as stud earrings, a simple bracelet, and a small pendant. If you plan to attend a special gathering and you would need to dress up for the occasion, then consider going with a couple of special jewelries.

. Pick affordable and useful Pieces : If you tend to lose things easily, then consider packing less expensive jewelries that you won’t lose your sleep over it in the case of loss. More importantly, you should keep expensive pieces or jewelries with special history at home – a good example is a family heirloom. In this way, you won’t have to keep monitoring them during the trip.

. Take a picture of every selected item: By now, you should have had one or two jewelries in mind that you would like to take along. Next, you should snap the pieces before packing them. Such images can be used while getting dressed on the trip to know what you have ready to wear. Also, you can use the images to record what you have inside your box and ensure that nothing is left behind while returning home.

Organizing Jewelry for Packing

. Get a suitable jewelry case or roll: A dedicated jewelry bag often comes handy while packing for a trip. If you are likely to damage the pieces mistakenly, then consider using a case style having a hard exterior. Also, a soft roll organizer is recommendable to maximize space within your luggage. Within jewelry organizers, you will find different compartments to keep different items so as not mix things up.

If you have a bag already, such as an extra toiletry bag, you can use it as your jewelry organizer. But considering that no jewelry-specific spaces will be found within, you will need other materials to keep the pieces in different places so as not to tangle together.

. Roll necklaces up in a microfiber cloth: A soft cloth can come handy for packing your jewelries. Since they are soft, they won’t scratch the pieces. However, endeavor to roll up the necklaces to keep it from getting mixed up. At a space of about 2 to 3 inches, set the necklaces apart on the already spread cloth. Choose one end of the cloth, then roll it over the necklaces. Ensure that each jewelry stays in a position to avoid entanglement. Once you roll the cloth to the other end, fold it up and keep inside your bag.

. Use straws to thread thin necklaces: Get some straws for your delicate necklaces. Gently pull the pieces through the straw, then fasten the clasp to secure the necklaces. Now, keep the filled straw inside your bag. For some necklaces, you may have to reduce the size of the straws using a pair of scissors; it all depends on the length of the pieces. As long as the necklaces are thin enough, you can thread them through the straws. Use an empty towel roll for a bulky necklace.

. Keep small jewelries in a pill organizer: Since pill organizers come with small compartments, it makes them suitable for packing rings, and earrings, including the delicate pieces. If each compartment is large enough, you can keep a few rings in space. However, you are best advised to keep one pair of dangling earrings in a single compartment to avoid entanglement.

.Get small plastic bags for chunky items: Plastic bags are available in different sizes. Thus, you can choose suitable options for pieces. For most plastic bags, you can keep many pairs of stud earrings within. However, refrain from keeping dangling earrings, necklaces and bracelets in the same bag. Otherwise, they will become entangled.

. Organize earrings with buttons: A good way to keep your earrings is to pack them together with buttons. Since cloth buttons have holes in the center, you can easily put the earrings through the holes and secure them. In this way, you can be confident of meeting it back there without mixing up.

Placing the Jewelry in Your Luggage

. Use carry-on bags for expensive and meaningful pieces: For a flight trip, you should use a carry-on bag for your jewelries. Using a carry-on bag becomes even more important when you plan to travel with expensive pieces. You have little chance of losing carry-on bags while on the trip. Thus, you should give your precious heirloom necklace a safe abode during the trip.

. Refrain from keeping jewelries in outer pockets: Outer pockets are more vulnerable to pocket pickers when you move around with a suitcase or bag. Aside from losing your precious jewelries, your bag can also be damaged in the process. So, ensure that you keep your jewelry roll inside the interior space of your bag and secure it.

 . Keep soft clothing around your jewelry : While keeping your jewelry inside the bag is good, placing it in the middle of the bag is even better. Surround the jewelry box with rolled-up clothing for cushion and extra protection, most especially when you drop your bag by mistake or when tossed around. It will help lessen the damaging impact on the jewelry.


Don’t overstress yourself about organizing your jewelries and packing them up for a trip. Simply adhere to the tips discussed herein and before long, your well-packed jewelry box will be ready to fly with you. Safe trip!

The most effective method to Pack Jewelry For Travel

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