Most Powerful Passport in the World: Japan holds the first position in three consecutive years as the US and UK drops down

• For the third consecutive year, Japan tops the Henley Passport Index

• Singapore secure the second spot as South Korea and Germany shares third position

• Afghanistan passport remains as the least powerful with only 26 nations visa-free 

According to a new global passport ranking, Japan now boasts the most powerful passport in the world. For the third year running, the country has occupied the peak of the Henley Passport Index as its citizens are free to enter 191 nations globally using the world visa-free.

On the second spot is the Singaporean passport, with which its citizens can make a trip to 190 countries across the globe without issues. South Korea and Germany jointly occupied the third spot, boasting visa-free movements for their citizen to 189 countries.

But the United States of America and the United Kingdom have failed to make any progress. Instead, they have dropped down in the index as they occupy eight place with Norway, Greece, and Belgium – citizens of the five nations can move to 184 countries.

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