Every country has something to offer, such as local cuisine, modern architecture and more. However, since beauty is challenging to quantify, we have left much of the work at the World Economic Forum. That is why I created a shortlist with the name of the Most beautiful country in the world, which allows you to quickly decide where to plan your next trip with family or friends.

Every year, the Foundation publishes a report on competition in the travel and tourism sectors. The survey has classified countries around the world based on a variety of factors ranging from security to life expectancy and natural resources.

The latter consider details such as the total number of animal species, the name of UNESCO world heritage sites and the “beauty of natural resources” and the results of 2019 remain impressive.

We extracted the first countries from the “Interesting” section of the EMF report. In the list of “Most beautiful country in the world,” you will find a brief description of the traditions and customs of these countries.

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