How To Enjoy a Sustainable Travel Adventure ?

More and more of us are becoming aware of the damage humanity is doing to this planet. Many people want to live in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way. If you are a keen traveller,

you may be feeling guilty about the impact of your travels. But going greener does not necessarily have to involve not travelling at all. There are a number of steps you can take to enjoy a more sustainable travel adventure. For example, you can:

Consider Somewhere Off the Beaten Track

Follow the path less travelled for a more sustainable trip. (Hiking trail, Scotland, Elizabeth Waddington)

When it comes to reducing the impact of your travels, you should avoid following the herd. Mass tourism can have a hugely negative impact. Don’t automatically travel to a tourist hotspot – consider lesser known destinations and attractions. You don’t need to go far either – the most amazing, little-known spots might be virtually in your own backyard. 

Think About Sustainable Travel Solutions To Get There

The golden rule of sustainable travel adventure is: avoid flying whenever possible. If you must fly, offset your flights through a reputable, ethical  carbon offset scheme . Instead of taking a short haul flight, consider taking the train. Other public transport such as electric buses might also be an option. If you need more independence, consider hiring an electric vehicle. Or share your vehicle with as many other people as possible. Better yet, consider hiking, biking, sailing, kayaking or other eco-friendly modes of transport. 

Choose Sustainable Accommodation

Where you stay on your travels is also important. Try to choose accommodation which:

 Was built sustainably, using natural or reclaimed materials.

 Has a neutral or positive impact on the surrounding natural environment.

 Uses renewable energy, and conserves energy wherever possible.

 Uses water and other resources wisely and conserves them as much as they can. 

 Is well connected to, and gives back to, the local community. 

There are plenty of green hotels, Agrotourism stays and Glamping or camping sites to choose from. Wherever you go, seek out options that offer a sustainable stay.

Tent camping is one great option for a sustainable stay. (Canyonlands, Utah, Elizabeth Waddington)

Eat Sustainably While You Are Away

You should also think about whether your accommodation offers sustainable food. Do they grow food on the premises, or source it locally? Whether you eat there or elsewhere, you should try to choose food that is local, seasonal and ideally organic whenever you can. Reducing the amount of meat that you eat can also be a sustainable choice. 

Another way to boost sustainability on your travels is by taking along reusable bottles, cups and take-out containers on your sustainable travel adventure. Try to reduce your plastic waste, and all other forms of waste, however you can. 

Select Sustainable Travel Activities

Cycling – Image by Fabricio Macedo FGMsp from Pixabay

Finally, think about what you do when you reach your travel destinations.

Try to choose eco-friendly tours and activities.

Consider slow travel options such as hiking, horseback riding or cycling on land. Or perhaps some water based, carbon-neutral, slow travel options.

Spend time appreciating all that the wonderful natural world has to offer. 

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