New Orleans is a gourmet city, and it is disturbing to start the mandatory gastronomic tour here. So, What should you eat? Grilled shrimp, bagel sandwich, Poboys, cream puff pastry? You want to try everything and more. Come and enjoy our trip to New Orleans and make sure you find each of these delicious dishes. So here we are trying to know about some best places to eat in New Orleans.

What to eat when you are there? The short answer is everything. The most extended response is everything you can’t find anywhere else. New Orleans receives a strange spell: we have almost no kitchen transferred to the outside world with the same energy or wealth. If you want to experiment with columns, you must bring them here.

Make sure you have a few days to complete the list of things to eat in New Orleans. Otherwise, you’ll be impressed, and You will eat something new with each meal. If you get some time, then you can also check our list of cocktails to try in New Orleans and visit some of the restaurants which I have listed on our list of the best places to eat in New Orleans.

Best Places to eat in New Orleans

Best Places to eat in New Orleans

Brennan’s Restaurant

If you enjoy breakfast in the beautiful courtyard and authentic Creole cuisine, you will love Brennan’s on Royal Street. It is one of the classic restaurants in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

The four of us enjoyed our breakfast in the lovely courtyard, an atmosphere that made us feel like we were in Paris, and we were able to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Whenever we can sit outside with our children, we jump, because it usually involves a more intimate environment!

Although your interior room is lovely, sitting outside and in the sun is just as fun. If you have never tried Bananas Foster, try this camp in New Orleans. It comes from Brennan and is the most orderly in its menu.

Includes: bananas, rum, cinnamon, brown sugar and ice cream, and the advantage is that they prepare it on the table in front of you, which is always fun.

Brennan's Restaurant


Briquette is one of the best places to eat in New Orleans. We finish our children’s carnival with a delicious and quiet fish dinner at Briquette, one of the best restaurants in New Orleans.

The tile in the warehouse was in the 19th century when Rodd Brothers were refining the refinery.

We like the informal nature of the place. The tables and beams have restored the wood. There are an open kitchen and a very fresh cellar.

We ordered clams, oysters, halibut fillets, whole black bar and Prince Edward’s dark chocolate cream.


Cafe Du Monde

It will be an amazing idea if you can do for children in New Orleans is to take them to Café Du Monde so they can enjoy doughnuts: they will love you forever!

But even if you don’t have children, this place is an institution in the French Quarter of New Orleans, right in front of Jackson Square.

Cafe Du Monde founded in 1862, and you will get it on every list of the best places to eat in New Orleans. Café Du Monde made its name for excellent service.

Is it a tourist? Yes, but this significant New Orleans cafe is a tourist for a reason.

The Cafe bar is open seven days a week, and they are busy every day, so they should do something good.

The world’s coffee is a traditional coffee. The menu includes:

• Roasted black coffee and chicory

• Donuts

• white milk and chocolate

• fresh orange juice

Coffee served in black or dairy, which means it is mixed medium to medium with warm milk. Café du Monde also presents the Best places to eat in New Orleans on a Budget.

Cafe Du Monde

Dickie Brennan’s Tableau

We were in New Orleans on Valentine’s Day, and dinner at Dickie Brennan’s table was the perfect setting.

We don’t usually be “elegant” when we eat with our children, and I think dinner with sixteen is less romantic, but we love this family experience, and we feel welcome.

Tableau, a member of the famous family of Brennan restaurants, offers classic Creole-French cuisine in an elegant 3-storey house with open kitchen and balcony.

First, the location is fantastic, right on Jackson Square, and on the top floor, there is a room with a balcony viewing the square.

There is a large staircase through the three floors that connect the dining rooms, as well as the patio seating: you will never experience a more authentic dining experience than New Orleans.

Dickie Brennan's Tableau

Willa Jean

A travel expert suggested Willa Jean, as well as some of us from our online communities on Facebook and Instagram, and our breakfast in New Orleans did not disappoint.

If you let your children pass the freshly baked candy bar upon arrival, get a coffee table and order from the menu.

What we liked about Willa Jean is that it gives the locals a real atmosphere. Please note that this hotel is busy on weekends. And there is also good coffee! We liked it so much we ate it twice!

The restaurant and bakery serve breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the week and brunch on weekends.

BBQ Shrimp of Pascal’s Manale Restaurant

There are many places for Weird things to eat in New Orleans. But the New Orleans Orleans Shrimp has little to do with barbecues. Famous in Louisiana, this dish refers to shrimp saved from the vast gulf in a butter sauce with Worcestershire peaks. Generally prepared with tons of butter, olive oil, garlic and basil, shrimp will be served in bowls. So get ready to eat with dirty and dirty hands.

In the bistro of Monsieur B in the French Quarter of New Orleans, is one of the best places to eat grilled shrimp. Get at least one bib to protect it from splashes. Warning: you want a whole bag of baguette to collect the rest of the sauce. Another place for a good grilled shrimp is Pascal’s Manual restaurant.

BBQ Shrimp of Pascal's Manale Restaurant

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