AARP EXPEDIA: All you need to know about the Travel Centre

The National Retired Teachers Association was renamed as American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). However, the US-based group does not belong to the retired teachers alone, but every senior citizen over the age of 50. Interestingly, about 38 million people from the country have registered as a member of the non-profit organization to enjoy from the exclusive benefits, ranging from travel discounts, investment services, grocery, and dining discounts, which the group offers.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the AARP subgroup that focuses on travel discounts. This subgroup is powered by Expedia; hence, the travel center is generally referred to as AARP Expedia. Read further to learn more about AARP Expedia and many benefits available to the American senior citizens through the sub-group.

What is AARP Expedia?

Undoubtedly, AARP Expedia is one of the top travel centres online. AARP travel centre is powered by Expedia to provide travel services to members. Before you can book flights with AAARP Travel Centre powered by Expedia, you need to be an active AARP member.

As a member of AARP, you get to save a significant amount from your hotel and car rental bills. Also, the brand offers a discount on some extras such as tours and flight booking fees. Aside from the attractive offers, the travel center deals with the best flight rates. With the brand’s Best Price Guarantee, if a member comes across a cheaper trip within 24 hours, such a member is entitled to the difference and a $50 worth of travel voucher. 

What are the benefits of using AARP Expedia?

Exclusively, AARP Expedia members can get up 10% discount at select hotels such as Choice Hotels International, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, Best Western, as well as La Quinta Inns and Suites. Also, you will benefit from close to 25% off car rentals using Avis and Budget. As a registered member of AARP Expedia, about 100% extra onboard credit on some cruise lines is up for grab. 

If you ever need to change or cancel your hotel plan, AARP Expedia will not charge its members. Also, discounts are shown in price to all AARP members without a need for coupons. All the benefits are available with daily low rates from Expedia at more than 150,000 hotels across the globe. More so, members can utilize some exclusive coupon offers, which can be attached to the discounts discussed above. Aside from many discounts and offers, you will get an award-winning AARP magazine, valuable information, and recommendations. You get all of these offers for just $16 per year; it’s even cheaper when you pay for three to five years in advance.

Other Important Information to Know about AARP Expedia

AARP Expedia provides information about travel deals through email. All you have to do is to sign up for the offer. Once you visit the AARP Expedia website, you will find “Connect with AARP Travel Centre” on the homepage. Simply submit your email address in the space provided. Before long, a confirmation message will be sent to your inbox.

Be informed that you can choose the type of information that you would like to receive by editing your email preferences. As long as you have an AARP Expedia account linked to the email address, just log into your account, then click on Email settings. Afterward, choose the trip types that you would like to get information about. If you ever need to change the details, you can do so at any time.

Also, if you feel that you don’t need the travel emails anymore, simply unsubscribe by clicking on the link provided below your confirmation message. From the link, you will be directed to the email management page. On the page, you can choose other subscription plans, update your email and home airport, and unsubscribe. Once you select your preferred option, ensure that you tap “submit.”

If you ever encounter a disrupted travel plan due to unexpected events, ensure that you visit your airline’s website for any new details about the flight. Be informed that if you book a low-cost carrier airline available with the travel centre, AARP Expedia cannot access your flight-only booking to change flight plans or make cancellations. Also, you should know that if you ever need to change your plans, AARP Expedia doesn’t charge any fee; however, you will need a different flight apart from what you booked originally. For such changes, various airlines demand different fees, but typically, a fee of $150 usually applies.

For those who have selected a reservation plan, but wish to change it, you will need to contact the customer representative on the AARP Expedia website for further assistance. Even if you click on the “Change Reservation” option on the itinerary, you will be directed to reach out to a representative for advice on how to change booking, cancellation and rebook of reservations. To find the itineraries, simply login to your AARP Travel Centre powered by Expedia account, then tap “My Itineraries” positioned at the top of every page.

By so doing, you can view your itineraries on your account or even print it out. Also, if you wish to make rental car reservations, you can do so without charges. Again, visit “My itineraries,” then open the itinerary that features the specific reservation which you would like to change. Afterward, click on “cancel,” then confirm your cancellation.

Every member is allowed to compare prices with other online travel centres. However, you can be confident that AARP Expedia offers one of the cheapest offers when it comes to airlines, car rentals, and hotel chains. As a matter of fact, you can recover the $16 annual fee through your first travel booking.

Using the AARP Travel Centre powered by Expedia is no rocket science; it is as simple as you can get. Also, joining the travel centre is easy and stress-free. Visit the website and follow the sign-up instructions. Besides, you can always reach out to the AARP Expedia customer support team through a phone call for assistance at any time.

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