For people who are travelling through the sea for the first time, it can be an exciting yet challenging experience at the same time. However, as you sail more frequently, you will learn some tips and tricks of the whole thing. Honestly, cruise lines will not reveal some top sea secrets to you. For instance, a dirty cruise ship may have its cistern covered with wastes and dirt.

In light of this, we’ll be sharing some cruise secrets that can improve your sailing knowledge. You will learn about the ship components that you should refrain from, how you can sail to avoid feeling seasick and things to make your sailing experience quite fun and exciting. Also, whether you are sailing on the largest ships or the smallest of them all, you will find these tips to be revealing and beneficial. Eventually, you will have a better chance of experiencing a memorable sailing like never before. Below are the 29 tips and tricks of sailing that you should know:


29 Secrets That You Should Know About Boarding A Cruise Ship
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Due to the possibility of an emergency, most doors on a cruise ship are never locked. Thus, whether you simply like to watch the sea or move around the ship, you have the freedom to do so. During the night, you can visit different areas of the ship.

2-Know the Brig

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Hardly would you find a cruise ship without a penal institution called Brig. From there, they can easily stop a fight between crew members or guests. In most cases, when fights ensue, brigs are used rather than physical intervention.

3-Corpse Room

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Unless you are close to a navy officer or top sailors, you probably don’t know that every ship is designed with a room to keep three corpses. So, if ever a soul is lost, it will be kept in the morgue until they reach the shoreline.

4-Take Green Apples and Crackers

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Many sailors have confirmed the effectiveness of eating green apples and bland crackers. It saves you from becoming seasick. Also, consult the purser’s desk to score seasickness meds without charges.

5-The Highly Expensive Panama Canal

It Costs A Lot To Pass Through is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list 29 Secrets from Aboard A Cruise Ship
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While the cost of a cruise ship is expensive for the guest, passing through the Panama Canal is also costly for the shipping industry. Every ship is charged per berth to pass through the canal – averagely, a ship will pay about $300,000.

6-Gaze at the Horizon Lustfully while being Seasick

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If you ever experience seasickness, then you should move to the midship. Stay close to the waterline, where you are less likely to experience rocking compared to the front. Get your back down and stare at the horizon.

7-Work as a Lecturer to Sail for Free

Sail For Free By Offering Your is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list 29 Secrets from Aboard A Cruise Ship
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f you are qualified to lecture, you can consult the cruise lines and tender your qualifications. Several cruise lines work with qualified candidates that can lecture others onboard. All you need do is to contact the entertainment office.

8-Consider Juice Only to Save Funds

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Soft drinks, wine, cocktails, and beer can be quite expensive on board. However, taking juice on many cruise ships is free. So, you get to save some cash during the trip.

9-Avoid the Spa

Skip The Spa Until You're In P is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list 29 Secrets from Aboard A Cruise Ship
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You should refrain from visiting the spa until you reach the port. At the port, most cruise lines offer discounted spa services. Again, you get to save up.

10-Enjoy the Empty Ship 

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Whether you will see something special during the port call remains uncertain. Sometimes, you hardly get to know where you are heading to visit. So, for people who may find being crammed on a tour bus for six hours as something challenging, you should consider staying onboard. Considering that most of the ship facilities will be available, you can take your own little tour and enjoy the space.

11-Part with the Crew Members

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Another surefire way to enjoy cheap drinks is to party with the crew members. On some days, the crews are allowed to dress up and enjoy quality time with the seafarers. As for the crews, they get to pay less for the drinks. So, if you can become friends with a few, it’s a win for you.

12-Avoid Conflict

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No matter how angry you become, refrain from engaging in a fight. Otherwise, the Captain can drop you off for another ship at the next port to return you home. First off, you won’t get a refund, and you will miss the trip.

13-The “Cones”

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Since most passengers usually lack sea legs, they often move around the ship carefully and slowly. So, crew members usually help walk the passengers around the ship. Thus, they would call the guests “cones.”

14-Consider Travel Insurance

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Travel insurance helps save a lot of costs. For instance, visiting the doctor onboard is usually expensive. However, as long as you have your receipts with the name of the service provider, you will be reimbursed by your travel insurance company.

15-Crew Owns a Cheaper Bar

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Almost every ship has a separate watering hole for its crew members. Drinks from the bar are usually cheaper compared to those open to the guests. You can hook up with some and get cheaper drinks.

16-Prepare for Emergency

Bring the Emergen-C is listed (or ranked) 16 on the list 29 Secrets from Aboard A Cruise Ship
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If illness should break out on the ship, it can easily spread around. Thus, the crew members often keep themselves and the ship clean. But in cases where the disease is unpreventable, the affected crew member would be isolated to prevent an outbreak.

17-Get up Early for Better Meals

The Early Bird Catches The Bet is listed (or ranked) 17 on the list 29 Secrets from Aboard A Cruise Ship
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If you can wake up early and get ready for specialty food spots such as sushi, you may save yourself from fast foods.

18-Meet and Greet the Captain

Brown Nose the Captain is listed (or ranked) 18 on the list 29 Secrets from Aboard A Cruise Ship
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You should consider the Captain as the president of your cruise ship. If you ever get to come across him, move closer and get a handshake. It doesn’t hurt to know the Captain and have him on our side. You never can tell when you might need him.

19-Sneak In your Booze

BYOB (Or Whatever Else You&#39 is listed (or ranked) 19 on the list 29 Secrets from Aboard A Cruise Ship
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If you can’t do without your booze for a long time, and you are on a budget. You may want to put some in your mouthwash bottles. Alternatively, you can purchase packs of beer or a full bottle of wine; it will save you funds compare to when you purchase in retail.

20-Be Meticulous

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Endeavor to read the fine print and keep in mind that not all cruise should be all-inclusive. The cost of shore excursions, spa treatments, and other activities can be ridiculously expensive.

21-Check out the Adults-Only Zonet

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Sometimes, a ship may be filled up with thousands of passengers with no free deck chairs by the poolside. If you ever experience such a scenario, don’t bother to stress yourself; it is the ideal time to check out the adult-only area. Most ships feature adult-only zone with pools. More so, such areas are usually less crowded. So, all you need do is to locate the area and enjoy quality time.

22-Avoid Trip Cancellation

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Understandably, some situations might force you to terminate your vacation. However, if the condition is not mandatory, you are best advised to refrain from cancellation. Otherwise, you may be subjected to the cost of the return, as well as no refund. Several cruise lines work using Draconian cancellation policies. With such a policy, a customer can cancel any reservation made 120 days before the date of departure and get a complete refund.

23-Cruise Lines Handle Gratuity

Gratuities? The Cruise Lines W is listed (or ranked) 23 on the list 29 Secrets from Aboard A Cruise Ship
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You don’t need to be concerned about your gratuities; the cruise line will ensure that they are charged to your account daily. Even before boarding the cruise ship, you can prepay the amount.

24-Travel in Groups

Travel in Packs and Save Big B is listed (or ranked) 24 on the list 29 Secrets from Aboard A Cruise Ship
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When you travel in groups, you can enjoy some attractive discounts on most cruise lines. So, it helps save some costs.

25-Avoid Dental Emergencies

Avoid Any Dental Emergencies W is listed (or ranked) 25 on the list 29 Secrets from Aboard A Cruise Ship
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If you are travelling on a long-distance through the sea, you should refrain from flossing during the few days. Alternatively, for those who have other than natural teeth in their mouth, you can travel with some Superglue. The reason is that bridgework, fillings, and crowns are likely to fall from your mouth while at sea. And sadly, most cruise ships have little to no dental facilities on board.

26-The Ocean Takes It All

The Ocean Is Your Toilet is listed (or ranked) 26 on the list 29 Secrets from Aboard A Cruise Ship
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Have you ever wondered how the toilet wastes are removed from a cruise ship? They are dumped into the ocean. Studies have shown that about 210,000 gallons of human waste are thrown into the sea during a one-week journey. Considered as the “blackwater” among sailors, the moisture from the urine and fecal wastes are first removed before they are dumped into the sea.

27-Take along Your Toilet Paper

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Although most cruise lines try to make life comfortable for seafarers, they don’t usually offer the best toilet paper. Some even say it feels like sandpaper. So, endeavor to take along your toilet paper.

28-Be Careful about Snack foods

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Snack foods are not usually available for grab on cruise ships. However, if you ever find them, you should be careful; you don’t know whether the other hands are sanitized or not.

29-Crew Members Usually Work 24/7

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Lastly, you should know that crew members often work throughout the week. While some work for some hours, others work throughout the day – it all depends on their specific job.


Hopefully, you now have a handful of tips and tricks to take along during your next cruise trip. Endeavor to keep them in mind; it will help make your trip more exciting and less costly. Safe trip!