A high level of intense propaganda, poverty, militarism, and mere shows sum up a typical North Korean life. So, it’s not surprising to see some unreal stories about the country portraying North Korea in good image. Sadly, the country is ruled by corrupt group of dictators. Whenever the country makes any strange approach, it only exemplifies the fragility of the nation, which is held together by a group of shared delusions.

Right from “hired” Chinese fans as supporters for their World Cup team to the degree of their pettiness to show that they are a stronger Korea, several weird and crazy North Korean stories surely cut across history. In fact, you’ll learn about how their children are being exposed to scandalous graphic murals and propaganda. 

The joke falls on the nation when you realize that the same materials are shown to the American, who admires the uncompleted luxury hotels in the nation’s capital. Also, they get to navigate through the English-language homepage on the nation’s website. These people would still get to visit museums filled with antiques showing the atrocities committed by them. 

To learn more about several unknown facts that show the level of poverty and backwardness that North Korean and foreign people are being subjected to, endeavor to read this article to the end.

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