Similar to the way many on-demand ride-sharing services put on fuzzy pink mustaches; Uber showcases its evil reputation with all sense of pride.

In 2009, Uber (formerly known as UberCab) was established in San Francisco. Since its inception, the brand has enjoyed enormous success globally. It has become a household, boasting multiple operations in several hundreds of cities among different countries. In fact, the company has amassed about $18.2 billion. With the brand’s huge profits and several lobbyists, including previous White House staffers, it is capable of operating even in areas where it’s completely illegal.

According to several individuals, many bad attitudes have emerged due to Uber’s Top Car Status. A good example is the case of a female tech journalist who tried to criticize the brand. The company came up with an idea of using her details to destroy her. However, it’s not strange to see Uber unbothered about the user’s confidentiality or physical well-being. In several cases, the brand has publicly antagonized the informational wellness of its customers.

To learn more about the evil reputations of Uber, below are ten Uber horror stories worth reading!

10 -Uber denied responsibility when one of its drivers tragically killed a 6-year old girl.

This unfortunate incident happened in January 2014. An Uber driver, Syed Muzaffer, hit a six years old girl in San Francisco. Eventually, the accident led to her death. Uber denied being “technically” connected to Muzaffer on the Uber App during the accident.

After the girl’s family sued the brand for wrongful death, Uber’s attorneys claimed that the brand wasn’t responsible for the tragic accident. It was later uncovered that Muzaffer had once been convicted for reckless driving in the past – a fact which Uber decided to cover up or deemed unworthy of disqualifying the Muzaffer as a driver.

9 -An Uber driver, who had a felony conviction, passed the background check, and assaulted a passenger.

In June 2014, one of the UberX drivers, known as Daveea Whitmire, was charged for a misdemeanor battery count. The driver told his passenger to get out after he pulled over. When the passenger tried taking the car’s image, Daveea punched his hand, then jab him on the chest with his elbow. 

That’s not all. Daveea had being convicted for several drug-related felonies in the past. As a matter of fact, he was on probation for a different battery charge during the period of assault. Despite all the criminal records against Daveea, Uber told The Daily Beast that he passed the “top-of-the-line” background check process organized by the company.

8 -The CEO of Uber got mad at the media after realizing that one of his drivers choked a passenger during a racist attack.

After being choked by an Uber driver in Washington D.C in a seemingly racist attack, Bridget Todd, an activist and writer, released a tweet at Uber about the attack. Afterward, Uber replied her by informing Nitasha Tiku of Valleywag that the passenger provoked the action.

However, the company responded to the event differently in private. Travis Kalanick, Uber’s CEO, instructed his press team to criticize the media for thinking that the brand was responsible for “accidents which weren’t real in the first place.”

7 -An Uber driver assaulted his passenger after ranting about anti-gay and Anti-American.

In March 2013, Seth Bender ordered an Uber service in Washington, D.C. After entering the cab, he belched to the displeasure of Hamza Abu Shariah, the Uber driver. Afterward, the driver started shouting about how he hates the Americans and homosexuality, among other derogatory comments. Eventually, Bender filed a complaint about the incident, and in his report, he claimed that Shariah slapped him after spitting on his face.

6 -Uber denies any alleged kidnapping incident with an “inefficient route.”

In October 2014, a woman, who was leaving a party, ordered for UberX to take her home. After entering the vehicle, the driver headed for a wild route, covering about twenty miles. The lane ended in an abandoned lot, as reported by Valleywag’s Sam Biddle.

According to the woman, the driver didn’t respond to her questions and directions before finally stopping in a dark, empty park. This happened during the middle of nights, even though she protested repeatedly. The driver locked the door and trapped her inside as the woman tried to escape from the car. It was after a commotion ensued that the driver took her back home. The horrible incident happened over two hours. Uber responded to the event by apologizing for an “inefficient route.” Afterward, the company refunded only 50% of her transport fare.

5 -Uber choose not to apologize after an Uber driver allegedly, physically and verbally abuse a passenger.

James Alva suspiciously asked an Uber driver to verify his name after he cursed him. Alva revealed to PandoDaily’s Carmel Deamis that he refused to confirm his identity. Rather than ascertaining his detail through the app, he asked Alva if he is a Mexican. Afterward, he referred to him as “a dirty Mexican faggot.”

According to Alva, after reporting the incident to the Uber community manager in San Francisco, Matthew Hearns, the manager refused to apologize without asking for further details about the event.

4 -An Uber driver was alleged to rape.

A 20-year old resident of Washington D.C. took an Uber home from a bar in December 2012. According to her report to the police, the driver made advances to her, but she ignored it. When she left the car, the driver allegedly grabbed her from the back, then knocked her down. Due to the fall, she hit the concrete with her head before the driver raped her. Sadly, the prosecutor chose not to charge the Uber driver for any offense.

3 -A case of an Uber allegedly “fondling” a female passenger.

In March 2014, a woman from Chicago filed a lawsuit against Uber. She reported that after Her Uber driver took the wrong road, she changed her seat to redirect the driver. At this point, he started glancing at her appearance before making romantic advances towards her. Before long, the driver became aggressive and eventually fondled the breast, groin area, and legs of the woman. It was when the woman threatened to inform the police that the driver forced her to leave the car.

Uber responded by deactivating the driver’s account from their database.

2 -A “high-speed chase” with an Uber driver

A simple road ride ended in a nightmare when Ryan Simonetti and his friends took an Uber trip in Washington, D.C.

During the ride, Simonetti noticed a taxi inspector following their Uber car, then asked the driver why. Even though the driver looked worried, he told Simonetti that the inspector was not a real cop. However, the driver told his passengers that they had to run the red light at a point.

Within a short time, the driver had reached the highway and started speeding beyond the limit while the taxi inspector was following. According to Simonetti and his colleagues, the driver narrowly dodged other cars and refused to let them leave neither slow down during a 10-minute ride. When they eventually got down, the driver escaped into Virginia.

1 -An Uber driver harassed a passenger and former employer; then, Uber lied to them.

According to a passenger, he entered an Uber in New York back in September 2013. However, as the trip was about to end, the driver showed the passenger a picture of how he had previously walked by Lincoln Center for one hour.

After reporting to Uber, the personnel-in-charge apologized with $20 as consolation. Afterward, he fired the driver without his consent. 

Later on, the driver started sending emails to the passenger, his former employer, and Sarah Lacy of PandoDaily. A few weeks after, the Uber executive threatened Lacy for critically reporting about the company. In the email, the sacked driver keeps asking for his job back. After the passenger asked Uber how the driver managed to get his details, Uber denied ever releasing such information to any unauthorized party – they claimed it would be an infringement of privacy.

However, after some months, a company spokesperson informed the passenger that Uber drivers in several cities get access to their passenger’s details. This means an Uber driver can know where a passenger lives, work and relax, among other vital information.