Similar to the way many on-demand ride-sharing services put on fuzzy pink mustaches; Uber showcases its evil reputation with all sense of pride.

In 2009, Uber (formerly known as UberCab) was established in San Francisco. Since its inception, the brand has enjoyed enormous success globally. It has become a household, boasting multiple operations in several hundreds of cities among different countries. In fact, the company has amassed about $18.2 billion. With the brand’s huge profits and several lobbyists, including previous White House staffers, it is capable of operating even in areas where it’s completely illegal.

According to several individuals, many bad attitudes have emerged due to Uber’s Top Car Status. A good example is the case of a female tech journalist who tried to criticize the brand. The company came up with an idea of using her details to destroy her. However, it’s not strange to see Uber unbothered about the user’s confidentiality or physical well-being. In several cases, the brand has publicly antagonized the informational wellness of its customers.

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