Why you should buy Travel Insurance?

Many travelers often consider travel insurance as an extra expense. However, whether your trip is for pleasure, business or leisure, you are best advised to have a travel insurance plan while booking for a trip. “Why would I need travel insurance?”

is a common question among travelers. A quick answer is that the insurance plan serves as the most reliable method of ensuring that your financial state is not jeopardized by expensive emergency bills during the trip. In other words, travel insurance is like a shield against unexpected emergencies such as flight cancellations, vehicle accidents, among others. To get a clearer view of the benefits of buying travel insurance, kindly read this article to the end!

  • Trip Cancellation

While some may cancel trips due to technical issues, others may have personal reasons. For one reason or the other, you might want to cancel your trip after booking.

In such a condition, the majority of airlines only refund a specific percentage of the initial trip payment. However, travel insurance will ensure that you have enough money to book another flight and hotel reservation.

So, if you are doubtful about making your flight, you should consider getting a travel insurance plan. Also, perhaps after making payment for all reservations, political unrest or terrorist attack began in your preferred destination, your insurance company will ensure that you get a total refund.

  • Medical Emergencies

During a trip, an unexpected medical situation such as high fever, food poisoning, chronic diseases, among others may materialize. Understandably, foreign hospitals tend to demand a huge bill. In this case, rather than spending your reserved funds, you would likely want to spend your shopping and visitation funds.

Things might even become more difficult if you are in a place where there is a language barrier.

In situations like this, the insurance plan will not only cover your medical bills but also provide a translator to help your communication. Also, you shouldn’t rely on your country’s international health policy as it may not cover you in other countries. However, as long as you have your personal travel insurance plan, you don’t have anything to worry about.

  • Lost or Delayed Luggage

During a trip, losing an item or luggage is a common issue. Sometimes, you can go out for sightseeing, only to return and discover that your luggage is missing.

Even if you travel light, the materials inside the lost baggage will definitely come at a price. Imagine losing your luggage or your baggage got delayed and you have an international conference to attend as a keynote speaker – you won’t want to be late, right? With your travel insurance, you can easily get a new suit quickly before the conference. Also, if your luggage is not found, you will be reimbursed for it.

  • Loss of Passport

During a trip, the loss of a passport is the last thing you would ever want to experience. Rather than being sober, you only need to initiate your insurance travel plan. Before long, your insurance company will ensure that a new passport is issued as soon as possible with all payments made on your behalf.  

  • Coverage in Remote Areas

As a tourist, you may have to visit a remote area of the country where there is no medical facility to treat an unexpected illness.

In this case, you would need an airlift to a modern hospital. As long as your travel insurance plan is active, you can easily contact your insurance rep for an immediate air transfer to the modern part of the country for immediate treatment. Keep in mind that without travel insurance for emergency medivac, you may have to spend thousands of dollars for immediate medical assistance.

  • Dental Emergencies

While losing a tooth due to a nasty fall during your trip is never an unexpected situation, it’s possible.

Having dental issues can be small, but painful. However, rather than waiting to get back home to resolve the problem, you can easily get foreign dental services through your travel insurance policy. Eventually, you will get to enjoy your holiday without pain and return in a healthy condition.

  • Protection for Your Frequent Flyer Points

If you are a regular flyer, one of the best ways to protect your points is through travel insurance. In a situation where you have paid for flight partly or fully with points but couldn’t recover them, your travel insurance will help compensate for the value lost.

  • Stress-free Stays

Perhaps due to a medical emergency or other situations, you have to stay in emergency accommodation during the holiday, your travel insurance will compensate you for the additional cost accrued.

  • Stress-free Car Hire

An accident is never expected, but unfortunately, it happens. If you ever get involved in an accident with a hired car, you need to pay an extra fee, whether it is your fault or not. Paying for damage done to a vehicle could ruin your entire holiday if care is not taken. But you can avoid such a sad situation by initiating your travel insurance plan.

  • Peace of Mind

If you or any of your family is involved in an accident and you have to pay for personal injury or damage done to the property, the travel insurance will come to you and your family rescue. Travel insurance covers all your families, so you don’t have to be overly concerned about unexpected damage done by your little ones. Thus, whether you are in a familiar country or new to a region, your travel insurance will ensure that you have peace of mind throughout your stay.


Hopefully, you have learned that travel insurance plans offer much more than you have ever imagined. Before heading out with(out) your family to another region or country, ensure that you have your travel insurance plan in place. Whether loss of property, unexpected emergencies or damage accrued by you or your family, you can be confident that your insurance reps will find a solution to the problem and you won’t have to worry about expenses incurred.

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