Several nations have changed their names due to different reasons. Among the most common reasons are independence, changes in government, and wars. Also, land divisions and proper pronunciation oversea have spurred some countries to choose another name. While the change was made several years ago by some nations, others just changed their own recently. Thus, some of us still find it difficult to recognize them by the new names.

Changing a country’s name is quite challenging and often influence the economy. But still, many nations have done it successfully. In this article, we’ll be discussing ten countries that have changed their names, alongside the story involved. Endeavor to read to the last part to learn about the associated costs of replacing a country’s name. Enjoy reading!

1. Holland to The Netherlands.

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Before the emergence of “The Netherlands,” two regions known as the North Holland and South Holland stood differently. However, for the sake of unifying the provinces and improving the economy, the regions came together to become The Netherland in January 2020. The change in name led to many modifications, including the name of the soccer team.

2. Ceylon to Sri Lanka.

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In 1505, the Portuguese found a region that they named Ceylon. Eventually, the land became a property of the British Empire. However, in 1948, Ceylon gained independence, and after some decades, the government of the island chose to rename the nation. By 2011, the government announced that the official name of the country, Ceylon, as well as the official bodies and all companies that bear the old name, will change to Sri Lanka.

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